New Year's Resolution To Buy A Home in 2020

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2019 has come to a close, and it is almost that time of year where everyone can reflect on what they have done and create goals for themselves for the new year. For many people, especially those looking to start a family, a new year’s resolution may include them finally purchasing their dream home. If you have never been a homeowner, the process of finding a home and dealing with your finances may look overwhelming. However, it is completely doable and manageable if you stay organized and know what you want and are looking for! Here are some small new year’s resolutions that you can implement into your lifestyle to prepare you for your dream home:

-De-clutter. A great way to prepare yourself for a new home is to begin de-cluttering each room within your home. If you start this process at a slow and steady pace, you will be ready to move when you find the home that you are looking for and will not feel overwhelmed and rushed to get rid of old belongings when packing up.

-Look at your monthly bills. To prepare to finance a new home, especially one that may be a little over your budget, look at your monthly bills and how you may be able to cut down. For example, can you end certain monthly subscriptions? Are you able to purchase less items, or perhaps skip going to restaurants a few times? Limiting your spending will allow you to save a heftier amount in your account.

-Focus on building your credit. Once you have your budgeting set, focus on building your credit so you have an excellent score when you apply for a mortgage for a new home. Make sure that you are paying your bills on time, and try to limit the amount of debt that you have each month, if possible.